10 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation


This blog entry is going to be a quite different than the one you’re probably used to on this site.

The society we live in today is much different than it was even just a few years ago. Today it’s not only appropriate for women to start conversations with men they find attractive, but it’s actually become the ‘norm’.

Since this is a pretty new phenomina a lot of women are unsure about how to actually go about doing this. So I wanted to share with you 10 different ways women have started conversations with me in the past that have all lead to fun, enjoyable, and flirty conversations.

I’ve decided to keep this as simple and brief as possible because the reality is that breaking the ice with a guy makes us feel great (since it’s unexpected) and therefore a lot easier than you might realize.

easy ways to start a conversation

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  1. Kim Rawks
    9 years ago

    What’s great about these approaches is how easy it is to play innocent if you’re called for making a pass. If he says, “sorry, I’m married,” you say, “ok, so maybe I can ask her what she thinks of this blouse?” 😉

  2. Angela
    9 years ago

    Simple, Straightforward and Sincere. I’ve used a few of these to start conversations. They all work to start a conversation with anyone but especially with men. Thanks for listing them here it’s a big help.

  3. [email protected]
    9 years ago


  4. Eugenia
    9 years ago

    Damn you good, i love all of them you just made lough like crazy, have to share this with my single girlfriends, so it woman who makes a first move these days haa? that’s hard, i tell you i don’t think i could do it! i see cute guy! i run, can’t breath and i’m like he’s got to be taken already…You guys! ” love a woman who tells ya straight up” i think woman get shy and don’t know what to, do when they see a cut guy, maybe if she is tipsy then she might go for it… guy who should make a move, i guess they feel the same too when they see cute pretty girl… Great tips i think they would work, good luck girls.

  5. Stephanie Vega
    10 years ago

    These are really great icebreakers. I’ve used several of them to great success. I think what women today need to realize is men like a certain amount of boldness and initiative. It makes them feel wanted. Cast aside the shyness and try these tips!

  6. efpierce
    10 years ago

    Any of these are excellent conversation starters! I haven’t been on the receiving end of any of them though as I am more of an extrovert and usually start talking to anybody and everybody! 🙂
    I have noticed though that a lot of women are having to initiate conversations with my friends and I’m not sure why that it, but if it works to get more people talking to each other and caring about their fellow human beings, then why not.

  7. Leanne
    10 years ago

    I’m a sales person so I usually don’t have a lot of problem starting up a conversation. But I have a number of friends that can benefit from the information on this site.

  8. Jessica Edwards
    10 years ago

    I think I’ve tried probably 8 out of the 10 things listed here and they are definitely go openers. I’ve always had problems just walking up to guys and start talking, but using an opening line that don’t sound fake like asking for help or asking for an opinion is usually a good way to start a conversation without being to obvious.