7 Fun Date Ideas You’ll Both love

Whether married or dating, going out on dates is a fun and also romantic way to keep the relationship alive. With all the hustle and bustle of daily life we often forget about having fun and also enjoying our spouse or partner. Going out on dates is beneficial to your relationship because it helps to restore romance and also allows you and your significant other to get away and enjoy the company of each other.

It may be difficult to think of ideas when you want to go on a date but finding something to do is not that difficult if you put a little thought into it. Thinking outside of the box will allow you to open your mind to new adventures that you may have never discovered before. What better way to do it than with your partner? Here are some cute and fun ideas for dates that you can surprise your partner with.

  1. Dancing – Dancing is a great way for you and your spouse or significant other to enjoy each other’s company and also engage in a romantic activity. Dancing is a way to get close to each other and also learn something new together that you may not have done before. Once you have learned how to dance, you can dance together under the stars on the beach or anywhere else you find romantic.
  2. Adventure – There are many different adventurous activities you can surprise your partner with such as skydiving, white water rafting, bungee jumping, etc. These activities will engage you both in adrenaline related fun and will help to bring you closer together.
  3. Fondue – Surprise your man by going out for some fondue. There are some nice restaurants that offer fondue and you can either make it a whole meal or just enjoy a romantic fondue dessert. The ambiance in the restaurant is nice with low playing music. You can really indulge in each other and also chocolate.
  4. Picnic – Spend the afternoon on a romantic picnic with your special someone. You can plan a romantic lunch and even take some wine and cheese. You can both lay down in the grass and gaze up at the clouds.
  5. His Style – Think of something your man likes to do and plan a date around it. He will appreciate you for simply engaging in an activity that he enjoys. Whether it is playing cards, pool, or touring a brewery, make it a point to go.
  6. Bar Games – Another cute idea and a great surprise is to plan a dinner and then a few rounds of skeeball, pinball, bowling, or something else competitive that the two of you can do together.
  7. Comedy Club – This is one of my personal favorites. Getting to go out for a great show with tons of (almost) guaranteed laughs is one of the most fun ways I’ve found to enjoy my partners company.

Choosing a date to plan does not have to be difficult and sometimes the smaller and more unique ideas are the better ones. Whether you spend the evening out on the town or a day on a speedboat, enjoy it together and make the most of it.

Dates are meant to bring you closer, so it’s important to break from the usual routine once in a while and try something a little silly. When you plan on surprising him, make sure that you let him know to keep his schedule open and to plan for the whole day. Everyone loves surprises and the suspense itself will keep him on his toes until the day of the date.

Remember that you can personalize your dates however you want. Choosing where to go and what to do will be up to you and you can even maybe drop some hints without actually saying what you will be doing. On the day of the date be prepared to have a ton of fun and just let loose. Enjoy the company of each other without any strings attached and without any distractions.

I’d love to hear some of your best date ideas.

Joshua Rose

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