Holding A Conversation About Scotch

Many women will stumble upon a man who loves scotch at some point in time. A man who loves scotch will love a woman who has an appreciation for it as well.

Whether or not you like scotch, you will find that knowing information about it will help you especially when a man is trying to hold a conversation with you about it.

As a man who absolutely LOVES a good scotch, I find myself really enjoying when I can discuss it with other people. Since it’s a sophisticated drink that not too many people know about, it becomes a privilege being able to talk about it from time to time.

And finding a woman who can also appreciate it, is an instant turn on.

Knowing enough information to hold a conversation is beneficial for you and you’ll will find that you two can engage in a discussion that will stimulate you both by allowing you feel a sense of pride similar to being able to discuss fine art.

These kinds of conversations not only stimulate our brains, but allow us to connect on deeper levels since we are not just having the same old hum-drum conversations we share every day.

So that is why today, I am going to give you a crash course on some of the finer points of appreciating scotch.

When people think of Scotch, they think of a manly man drinking it from a glass with ice (or without). Typically people associate cowboys and rugged males with this type of drink but all of that is a stereotype.

However, most likely bourbon or whiskey that those men are drinking. A fine scotch (although made from the same ingredients) would be much closer to a fine wine than anything else.

There are many different men and also women who can appreciate Scotch and enjoy drinking it. It is about finding your perfect flavor and enjoying the taste.

Scotch is the shortened term for Scotch whiskey and it is considered to be a malt or grain whiskey originating in Scotland. Previous to the latter half of the eighteenth century, scotch was made from a malt barley.

There are five different classifications and categories that scotch can fall into and these include: blended malt, single malt, blended Scotch, single grain, and blended grain.

No matter where you get your scotch from, it has been aged in a barrel for a minimum of three years.

When someone wants to drink Scotch, it is recommended that they sip on it to enjoy the flavor. The Scotch does not need to be mixed with anything and is typically enjoyed in a glass over ice.

If you enjoy a mixed drink, you can add some ginger ale or coke to the whiskey for a nice flavor.Some people enjoy adding water or club soda to their scotch to open up the flavor and allow the flavors and aroma to release.

As you advance through the world of Scotch, you will find that there are a couple different glasses you can drink it from.

Many people typically enjoy drinking Scotch from a small glass tumbler, but experts have recommended drinking it from a tulip shaped glass to fully enjoy it.

The above is some basic knowledge that every female can use to her advantage when speaking to a man about Scotch.

Knowing this information will allow you to stay connected in a conversation and also add in your own two cents. Here are some more facts and ideas you should know about Scotch.

–       Scotch is not just a drink for men despite the stereotype. Women are known to be able to pick up on the scents and aromas of the alcohol at lower concentrations than a man.

–       Scotch is a great liquor drink to enjoy because you do not have to worry about it filling you up quickly. You have probably experienced those drinks that make you feel full and bloat your stomach. You do not need to worry about Scotch doing this as it has no added sugars and the malts make a difference as well.

–       Know that men find women who drink Scotch extremely sexy. Men like the fact that women drink Scotch and are not offended by it at all.


However there’s a major difference between enjoying a nice glass of an 18 year single barrel, and chugging down a liter of Johnny Walker. Please, don’t try to impress us by out drinking us and ending up being completely sloppy. That is one of the biggest turn offs there is.

As you start to learn more about Scotch, you will be able to equip yourself with information to hold up a nice conversation with your man.

If you are adventurous enough, try some Scotch for yourself and see if you enjoy it at all. The taste of Scotch is an acquired and also appreciated taste once you get past the initial strong taste.

If you are looking for any suggestions on what to try first, please ask me in the comments section below.

Don’t let yourself feel intimidated or left out of a conversation because you do not know much about a topic. You can prepare yourself by reading up on Scotch and also remember to ask questions when you are having a conversation about it.

Women can use basic knowledge about Scotch to their advantage and you will find that you are meeting more men left and right just because you have a common interest.

Remember, this is more of a high society kind of drink, and less of a sports bar type.

Talk soon,

Joshua Rose

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  1. Rebecca Wheeler
    8 years ago

    i enjoy a little club soda with my scotch (unless it’s some of
    the real expensive kind, then i like it straight. But that’s not my question.

    just wondering what some of your favorites are (affordable)
    and I what do you think of Pinch? By the way… I kind of like Johnny Walker Black with club soda:-/

    thank you!!!

    Houston Texas

    • Joshua Rose
      8 years ago

      I’ve been in love with this Japanese scotch called Yamazaki. Also, Bakers (which is a bourbon) is absolutely perfect for old fashioneds.

  2. Jenny Lee
    8 years ago

    I just recently picked up scotch at our TGIF gathering. My impression was its a respected drink. My friend ordered a 16 year old bottle of Hipiny (sorry I may not get the name right) but tasted fantastic! I think it is growing on me.

  3. Tammy
    8 years ago

    Can you provide me with suggestions of scotch to start out trying?

    Thank you

  4. Sheila Barcenilla
    8 years ago

    I liked this topic. This is really perfect on a very special occasion and when something is missing called “Elite Bond” in a relationship. But I haven’t tried drinking scoth whisky before and I hope I can tolerate the taste as a beginner 🙂 Thanks for this article. I have learned something new.

  5. Jan Aronson
    8 years ago

    what the hell!, i want a man not a drink

  6. madeleine
    8 years ago

    I am a female scotch drinker. I have been since college which was many years ago. I was not a beer drinker. I learned to nurse a good scotch for a good part of the evening. I prefer single malts. My favorite is Aberolour — 16 year old. Next in line is one I have recently discovered. It is
    The Glenrothes Alba Reserve. When I meet a man who is a scotch drinker, he is always very pleasantly surprised. I do think that men find it sexy.

  7. irina
    8 years ago

    This is an interesting topic. And yes, I first needed to educate my sense into it. Different parts of the month would pick different touches of my new discovered Lagavulin. I firs tried lagavulin beginning of this year and already have a philosophy about this smoking tasting schotch. Not many would appreciate it due to the strong taste of smoke and ashes , but this fact especially clicked into my brain to that quote of Proximo in Gladiator: ” we mortals are just shadow and dust” . Yes, I know its a weird connection. However, Lagavulin did it by kicking so strong my senses and by enjoying the savours of this schock at that time gave me the opportunity to meditate about fire/smoke/ ash as symbols in our existence. And not just smoky taste but…hey! It’s full bodied and very “serious “: a strong drink for a strong woman! Lol.

  8. Joshua
    9 years ago

    @Renai – I would start with Macallan 12. You can order a glass from pretty much any bar or restaurant, and it’s a great way to get initiated with something that’s not too overly powering. I’d suggest adding some ice to help delete the taste a bit, incase it’s a bit rough for you in the beginning.

    Hope that helps

  9. Renai Strother
    9 years ago

    Hi Joshua, I do enjoy your articles! I would like to know the best scotch for a beginner to drink….Thanks, Renai.

  10. Helen
    9 years ago

    Mmm – talking about Scotch isn’t that helpful if your man doesn’t drink!

    Luckily we seem to enjoy opera (although he knows far more about it than I) and literature (ditto!)

  11. Joshua
    9 years ago


    If this doesn’t apply to you or your man for the reasons you stated, then you don’t need to read it. Not every article is going to apply to 100% of all people every single time.

  12. [email protected]
    9 years ago

    Well gee what if neither of us drink or if we do not prefer Scotch of any kind? It is difficult to have over something neither of us enjoy. Could be one or both parties are members of AA..

  13. [email protected]
    9 years ago

    I just met a man who drinks scotch! The closest I’ve come is Jack Daniels. Thanks for the info!

  14. Joshua
    9 years ago

    @Marea, there are way too many amazing scotches out there for me to even know where to start. But lately I’ve falling in love with this Japanese kind called Yamazaki.

    You can find it at most liquor stores that have a decent selection, and it’s won “best international scotch in the world” 3 years in a row.

    Let me know if you get a chance to try it out.


  15. Marea
    9 years ago

    Hi Joshua,
    My personal drinks of choice when socializing are water, coca cola and Johnny walker black on the rocks. My guy gets a kick out of telling people that I drink scotch because of their reaction. They look at me as if I’m from a different planet. Totally love it. 🙂 Anyway what other scotch would you recommend trying.
    Thanks Marea

  16. Jennifer D.
    9 years ago

    Maybe I should develop an appreciation and some knowledge of it. It could be one more arrow in my quiver.

  17. Jenna
    9 years ago

    Bartending school taught us about the differences. Interested when we were being taught, but hard to retain the info. Guess now I can skip my class on improving memory. All I have to do is click here 🙂 Thanks for the post. Always love to refresh my memory and/or learn new things.

  18. [email protected]
    10 years ago

    Love Scotch myself. Most women think I’m nuts when I say I do., but I have experienced men get VERY excited when they find out I thought it was strange but loved the attention it got me 😉

    I visited the UK last summer and went to Edinburgh. Had haggis in a really nice pub and for dessert I got myself a 7 shot sample of the local single malt scotches, and that way found the type of scotch I like best. And best of all, good scotch doesn’t give me a hangover!

  19. Eugenia
    10 years ago

    Scotch, my partner love it like crazy, he is in hevan when he drinks its, i found him so calm and you will very good conversation with him … holding his glass, he looks at his drink and say, ” what a wonderful drink ” cheers to Scotch! i will show him this post and see that he is not the only person who think Scotch is the coolest drink ever, he drink his on its on own and sometimes with ice, he will love this i tell you.

  20. Joshua
    10 years ago

    Good luck Maria. It’s my personal favorite drink, so I’ve been fortune enough to have plenty of long conversations about it.

    I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something so sexy about a great glass of scotch.

  21. Maria
    10 years ago

    My husband has always loved scotch, and talks about it constantly with his brother. I am really excited to use some of your tips to join their conversation this weekend.