How Sensual Massage Can Bring Couples Together

A sensual massage may be exactly what it is that you need to bring back the romance in your relationship. Sensual massages for couples have been shown to draw couples closer together and provide them with a nice and relaxing experience that is beyond needed. When you and your man pamper each other with these kinds of massages, you can either be setting the mood or just enjoying the company of each other and helping one another to relax. There are many benefits to massaging each other and one of the biggest benefits is that it will help bring you two closer together.

Massages have been around for thousands of years and have been proven to help heal and soothe the body. By giving each other a massage, you will be setting the mood for romance and easily allow yourselves to become intimate with one another which leads to a night of passion and love.

When you are giving your man a massage, make sure that you are using soft and relaxing massage strokes. The slow strokes are relaxing and will help your significant other fall into a state of relaxation. You should try to keep the movements the same and do not add any extra pressure or change the direction of your massage strokes as suddenly. This can cause a break in the massage which will cause your partner to become tense again. Remember to flow towards the heart for increased circulation.

Communication is a positive benefit of massage. The massage will encourage you two to speak to each other and talk about what the other person wants and how they feel. If your partner does not want to talk during his massage, than just relax and let some sensual mood music take over. Some people tend to relax more in the quiet and talking can take away from the massage itself. You can start by asking simple questions to your partner. Ask him if the pressure feels good or if he would like you to be firmer or softer. You can ask small simple questions about the massage to engage him in communication. Remember to always you a calm and soft voice as this will continue to heighten the mood.

Using a massage oil or lotion is a great way to engage yourself and your partner in the massage. The oil allows for better movement on the skin and your hands will not feel rough on the body. Remember to always take your time during the massage and never rush to complete it or give the impression that you are in a hurry. A massage between you and your spouse should be relaxing and enjoyable for the both of you.

As you and your lover give each other sensual massages, you will learn that these massages are bringing you closer together. The massage itself promotes communication between the two of you and also engages you both in an intimate mood. Giving your spouse a massage does not have to mean sex is implied. You can both perform massages for the other person without an intimate moment afterwards. Massages help to relax both you and your man and will promote a better atmosphere in the relationship. When you are both calm, you will both respond better to each other without the stress of everyday.

Sensual massages allow you and your lover to connect on a personal level that will provide intimacy in your relationship and help the two of you bond .The time that you spend together learning about each other and the desire to touch each other will grow and help draw you two together.

A massage done by you is always better than by a stranger because it means more and is a lot more intimate. However, if you and your man choose to have a professional couple’s massage done, you will find that you are both in the same room together so you can enjoy the experience together. You are able to communicate with each other during the massage if you like or simply just hold hands or enjoy the closeness of just being in the same room. You and your lover can decide exactly what is comfortable for the both of you and enjoy it together.

You will find that through massage, you and your man will grow closer as a couple and that you will both be providing the other with a sense of relaxation that was not there before. But more than that, one of my favorite aspects of sensual massages you experience with your lover is that you get to escape all the stresses of your everyday life, and escape to your own private world where you can focus on pampering each other.

By simply turning off the phone, computer, and other distractions; and lighting a few candles and some incense you can create a beautiful romantic atmosphere that is reserved for showing your lover just how much they mean to you.

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  1. Emily
    10 years ago

    Yoni massage? Into some tantric freakiness, are we Kim? 😉 Yes, sensual massage is not only sexy but also therapeutic.

  2. Kim Rawks
    10 years ago

    Ladies, get him to learn Yoni massage. 😉

  3. Jennifer D.
    10 years ago

    Oh, yeah, those are great. My boyfriend and I took a class for it. One of the best things we’ve done together,

  4. Eugenia
    10 years ago

    I love a good massage, can have it everyday, so relaxing and nice. massage is great way of awakening your senses and giving your body its daily nutritions and relief tention. it brings special intimacy and quality time in a relationship, also there is always great, beautiful bonus that comes after a good massage.

  5. sarah
    10 years ago

    My husband and I have gone this route and I think we need something more. We seem to be growing apart in our relationship, do you think the Undeniable Passion program can help us get that spark back?

  6. bree
    10 years ago

    Sensual massages are just what the body needs and what a relationship needs to promote togetherness. You can both massage away the stress of the day and have a real conversation without any interruptions at the same time.

  7. Leanne
    10 years ago

    I’ve never tried this but my husband but my husband loves to go for massages so this could be something we could enjoy together.

  8. Jessica Edwards
    10 years ago

    Massage is wonderful and can lead to a really sexy evening. I bought a book on this subject a while ago and it had really improved the closeness between me and my man. He was a little standoffish in the beginning but once we gave some of the technics a try that was all it took.