How To Make Him Miss You More

From the Troubled Lover

A few months back I started working at this place, and met this great guy, absolutely fun to hang out with.

A month later, I realized this new guy at work (let us call him Brad) had like a massive crush on me.

As time passed by, I realized I had started to fall for Brad, and I found myself really enjoying my time with him.

Seeing that my feelings grew and our mere flirtations turned in to our first kiss at Brad’s place I began getting massive butterflies in my stomach.

After our second date, Brad and I became very physical with each other on a daily basis (office sex is amazingly hot, by the way).

I found myself becoming absolutely crazy about Brad and couldn’t believe how fast things were moving.

A year into my relationship and everything was going smooth until recently he started acting all bossy and careless about me.

He stopped calling me all those lovey-dovey names, heck, he barely replies to my texts now, and tries his best to avoid me at work.

But all this lack of attention has got me wanting more of him, I miss him like nuts and I feel he doesn’t miss me anymore.

Last week, he told me he needs some space and this has sent me falling down a never-ending tunnel of despair.

Please help me. I love him and I want him to miss me. I want things back to normal! 

Are You Having Trouble Having Him Miss You?

To the troubled lover, being a guy and being a person who many friends look for advice in relationship problems, let me tell you, you are not alone in this. There are lots of girls out there facing the same problems, however the solution can sometimes be quite easy.
All it takes is a little patience and your ability to keep it cool, rather than becoming overly upset about it. First of all, I want to make it clear that guys are easy. Making him miss you back is a piece of cake if you have the right ways to do it. Follow these personally experienced, tried and tested tips I like to give out to all my female friends trying to get their boyfriends to miss them back with the same feelings.

The Rule: Have Zero Expectations

Most girls get to face the bad sides of relationships just because they expect too much, and it is natural but terrible for your feelings if you just cannot cut him some slack. Never expect your man to be as hooked on to you as you are hooked on to him. If your boyfriend opens the car door for you while taking you out for your anniversary, don’t expect him to do the same every day. If he doesn’t open the car door for you on normal days, or doesn’t show up on your door with a bunch of roses every day, doesn’t mean he is not in to you. Don’t expect him to be lovey-dovey, practically all the time, in a nutshell, cut down on those expectations and make it your rule number one!

This does not mean that he is no longer in love with you. It simply means that the way in which he acts towards you may change a bit from time to time.

Surprises Work Great

Never showed him if you can sing? Never showed him that you can dance seductively? Never showed him an awesome talent that would have guys begging to be with you? Take the step. If you know the bar he usually hangs out at, go there and pop some moves on the dance floor with him. Whatever you do, make sure it is something new, and make sure it will leave an impression he won’t be able to get off his mind. Guys love to be surprised, be sure you do it right.

Remind Him

Spent a great night in Paris? Or made out in the middle of the mountains, on a camping trip? Keep reminding him some of the best moments you have spent together and shared earlier. Go into the details and how both of you loved that moment. Don’t do this too often though as it could backfire if he starts to believe your best times together are in the past.

Be Transparent And Open

Nothing beats talking to him openly and honestly. Make him feel like you are the ONE through your words. You are his soul mate. You can do this by genuinely listening to what he feels and what pushed him away. Don’t interrupt, and I mean a big DON’T. Just listen and sink in what he has to say, so the next time the conversation comes up you can mention things he said; this will enable him to believe that you actually listen and above all, you care.

You should also try the following:

  • Whenever talking on the phone, make sure you hang up first. Why? Well it is how we guys function, I myself feel that whenever she hangs up the phone first, I want more. I want to talk more and I want to be with her more, compared to the times I hang the phone up.
  • “Yea, I am free. Come pick me up”- don’t do this, avoid any last minute dates or outings for the first couple of weeks. If you readily accept going out any time he wants, you are just making him take you for granted, and it makes you look too feeble. He believes that you have no social life or friends other than him, and it can come off as a big red flag. Once you have been together for a at least a month, these rules can change depending on your personalities.
  • Use a fragrance he likes and remembers. A perfume that has him leaning in to you whenever you are together. This gives him a thing to remember and he will definitely be missing you more, wanting more of your scent.


Remember, you will have to be strong and understanding to follow these tips, and also remember that rejection is a part of life. Clinging on to someone and expecting them to be there all the time is a mistake most women make, cut down on those expectations and to the Troubled Lover, best of luck!

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  1. Christi
    9 years ago

    I have been fantasizing about giving him a lap dance, but have been too shy to do it (what if I look stupid and he laughs?). Maybe I will just do it and hope for the best!

  2. Sheila Barcenilla
    9 years ago

    Oh… I Love to sing and dance:-) After reading this post, I just can’t wait to meet that someone special, the right guy I just wanted to be with, and sing and dance together with him. There will be a lot of seductive dances from me Lol:-)
    I Love nature. But spending a great night with him in Paris is one of my dreams:-) I Love to travel in romantic places.
    Thank you so much for these tips, I have learned and have to be strong.
    It makes my day Happy after reading this post:-)

  3. Nancy
    9 years ago

    Bless Jesus Name! Thank you for sharing. It’s a great eye opener. Kee it coming. Love it!

  4. Theresa Evans
    9 years ago

    thank you so much for this post I think I needed to here all of this. I hope single becomes a thing of the past.

  5. vickie
    9 years ago

    thanks for the tips will try to use them especially hanging up first and not being too available

  6. Marian Reidelbach
    9 years ago

    Thanks for these important tips—I want to feel in control, of my feelings, and giving them as in love, exposes them, and is hard to back away and have a balance..Sometimes is hot and heavy—sometimes is less often and distant, and not to be ahead of his game, also hard when you have become intimate. Backing away a bit here again necessary, but makes a gal feel rejected to a degree.. Even at my age, and being a widow, my man and I go through these degrees of feelings.

  7. Melinda Paetz
    10 years ago

    Thank you.

  8. merlie
    10 years ago

    very informative , thanks , I expect more topics about relationship in the future.