How to Recover From Real First-Date Disasters

It’s everyone’s biggest nightmare; the first date disasters. They happen more often than we want them to, and it’s important to know how to recover from one and turn it into a positive thing rather than a deal breaker. The first thing to realize is the fact that these occurrences happen to people all the time, and you won’t be the first or last. By preparing yourself for the worst, you’ll be able to quickly and smoothly recover from your disaster. You might get praise from your date, or they might not even recognize the fact that you just averted a huge crisis on your own. Let’s tackle some real-life disasters that people have encountered on their first date.

Running Into an Ex

The first real disaster that you can encounter is most likely one that people don’t think of all the time, but secretly dread. If you live in a small town or favorite locations that you like to travel, there is a chance that you may run into a previous romance you were involved in. However, running into an ex does not have to be as awkward as you think. Simply take the opportunity to give your date some insight as to what happened between the two of you. The key here is to not overplay anything, don’t talk too badly about your ex and don’t dwell on the topic for too long. If you don’t think it’s a big deal (because it really shouldn’t be) then your date won’t think it’s an issue, either.

Bringing Him Home to a Messy Apartment

There is a chance that you are having a good time with your date and decide you want the night to last a little longer. What might have slipped your mind, though, is the condition of your home or apartment when you make it back. Many women worry about what a man will think when they see a messy home, but they are most likely panicking about a very little issue. Men are typically messy by nature, and they might be intimidated if your place is too nice and clean. Simply make a joke out of it and go on with your night. If you are a messy person to begin with, it’s one less thing you have to deal with later on in the relationship.

Bad-taste Jokes

One of the best ways to break the ice is to crack a few jokes throughout the duration of your date. While you may think you have joke of the year material, not everyone shares the same taste of humor and you might end up touching on a sensitive subject. Just like you should never discuss politics or religion with your date, don’t joke about touchy subjects until you get to know your date really well. If you end up slipping up, don’t worry about it too much. If your date finds something offensive, you might try to switch topics and find out why they don’t like the subject; you may learn more about your partner that way. The more you dwell on your “mistake” the more likely you are to get nervous and tighten up. Just laugh off the bad joke and go on with your date.

Talking to the wrong Blind Date

Sometimes, our friends set us up with on a blind date, which can be nerve-wracking. While you might have a good idea of what your date looks like or how they are dressed, there are instances where people go up to the wrong person. If you find the wrong person, simply apologize to them and go about your day. This can be an embarrassing moment, but also a great way to break the ice with your date (once you find them.) Telling them of this instance shows that you are just as nervous about the date as they are, and it may relieve some of the tension for both of you.

Putting Your foot in your Mouth

Lastly, many people worry about saying something stupid when they are on a date. For example, someone makes jokes about a certain genre of novels, only to discover that their date writes those exact types of books. While this can be an awkward moment, it’s smart to use this as a “learning experience” and ask them more about the genre. Say that you don’t have enough experience in the genre to know better, and then go out and buy all of their books. Regardless of what “dumb” move you make, give your date a chance to clear things up for you and help you become more educated on the subject. Don’t be stubborn and try to play tough, letting them talk about what they love is a great way for you to learn more about them and expand your horizons.

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  1. Emily
    11 years ago

    Jennifer, that is hysterical. Me and my guy went walking through a park on our first date and didn’t realize the ground was soggy from some rain we’d had. I walked right out of my stilettos and left them in the mud! He had to walk back through and get them!

  2. Jennifer D.
    11 years ago

    On a first date I had once, he took me to a movie I really wanted to see but neither of us knew there was an explicit sex scene in it. Talk about awkward!

  3. Jenna
    11 years ago

    Couldnt have made a better list myself.

    Blind date disasters…hmmm. Only had two. Never again. I will share my first one…
    okay maybe not. Just tried to start typing the details just after I took a moment to relive that night. The memory just caused me shame again and so I changed my mind about sharing the details. I will just say this…. One night , two guys. Picked the wrong one with both. Upon meeting the second, the first words out of my mouth were….” I think I need to call my mom. I think I think its time I get “checked in” , I mean , im totally serious. I think I really have gone looney” His reply…”what do you mean? It’s me Johnny Angel. You trust me and you know I was brought to you as your protector”
    Well, long story without details, when I returned home the next day (thankfully an ex let me crash at his pad that night, for I was far from home and it was now almost 2am) I tossed the refill slip into the trash!!!
    No more scheduling dates thru 3rd parties , for me!!!

  4. Eugenia
    11 years ago

    Bling date, i don’t think i would have loved that, it just wierd to me and i wouldn’t be comfartable with it, messy house is ok but you can tell when someone is just messy but clean and someone who is just dirty, that is a no no, i wouldn’t be getting in a relationship that i know it won’t work, love funny guy… love that and i like throwing few joks too, great idea about your Ex, not nice but you will have to be brave and carry on as normal

  5. sarah
    11 years ago

    First dates are something I hope to never have to go on again. For now, me and my husband are just trying our hardest to get a date night for ourselves. It seems like everyone backs out of babysitting but then we all have to drop everything to go out to dinner for their birthdays and other family gatherings. That might be date night material to them, but I want something romantic and just for the two of us.

  6. bree
    11 years ago

    Talking to the wrong blind date?! That’s classic! I would like to see the look on the real date’s face when he shows up and his date in talking to another guy.

  7. Leanne
    11 years ago

    probably the worst date I ever had was with a guy who had to be the most prejudice person I’ve ever met in my life. I live in a fairly racially diverse area and from the moment we left the house to go to lunch until the minute we got back, he made horrible comments about every person of color that he saw. I found it very offensive and could wait to end that date. Needless to say I never saw him again.

  8. Jessica Edwards
    11 years ago

    Date disasters! Yeah I’ve had a few. I think probably my worst date (which was a blind date set up by a friend) was a guy who took me out to dinner, let me order first and then only ordered soup. There was a total lack of conversation during dinner because we had nothing is common.
    When the check came his one an only credit card bounced so I had to pay for the dinner. On the way home his car ran out of gas so I decided to walk the last mile because I just wanted to get out of there. On the way home it started pouring and I was trying to hurry and broke the heal of on my shoe and twisted my ankle. I was drenched and in horrible pain by the time I got home. He actually left me a message the next day asking me out again. I never returned the call.