Spice Up Your Kissing

 It’s not like we have been dating for a long, it has only been 2 months but there is something that has been continuously bothering me. I guess I am really bad at kissing. The other day, my boyfriend (let’s call him Damon), and I had the house to ourselves for the entire day. We were lying on his bed, and as usual I initiated making out with him.

He was playing videos games and it took him a little while to throw the controls away and give his 100% attention to me. It started off with the usual kisses on the face and neck and we were making out for 15 minutes when Damon slid his tongue into my mouth. At this point, I completely froze; I didn’t know where to put my hands at, what to do, and most importantly what to do with his tongue inside my mouth.

I absolutely have no clue what I was doing from there on, and the most embarrassing part was, when he politely backed off and said, “Baby, it is ok. Practice makes one perfect.” I ended up all blushing and embarrassed, it was embarrassing not because of what he said but because I CAN’T KISS. What do I do? I think this might be bad for our relationship in the long term. Help me out! 

First, before we get in to the specific techniques I have for you today I just want to let you know (as a guy) video games are a major “chill out” time for us. They are great at alleviating stress, spend time hanging out with our (mostly online) friends, and escape to a fantasy world where we can get away with just about anything we want. So don’t worry that it took him a couple of minutes to put the controller down. That is 100% completely normal.

With that little disclaimer out of the way, let’s get in to the techniques I have for you.

The French Kiss

It is absolutely OK to not know how to French someone (trust me I have seen the absolute worst case scenarios when it comes it french Kissing, and it’s not the end of the world). It is not just you, I have come across of girls out there who don’t really know the perfect way to kiss. Let us start from the basics; kissing is like one of the many ways couples express intimacy with each other. But most couples take it for granted. For most of them, it is just a way to heat things up before they can get to the ‘good parts’. However, kissing can be your secret weapon, and you can get your partner to do whatever you want as long as you know how to make them swoon with your kisses. The trick is in doing it the right way. When kissing, everything comes in to play, the way you use your tongue, the way you touch him, and the parts of his body you touch.

Practice Makes Perfect

To the girl who is bad at kissing, Damon was right, practice makes perfect. Kissing means a lot to guys, and the more you do it the more you’ll get a grip on the best way. It is an art that most women learn overtime. It is not about sucking on his tongue or starting a tongue war, every guy has his own preferences and you learn what the guy likes with practice and countless make out sessions. Having dated a number of girls, I can tell you that everyone has a different style and being in a relationship is all about adjusting. Most guys are looking for a lot more from women while kissing, and you can spice things up a notch using the following tips and tricks.

The Goodies You Can Give Your Man While Kissing

The Slight Bite

Not really good at tongue kissing? Let him take over and while he’s doing it, bite his lips gently. Guys dig it when girls bite their lips while kissing, some might like a slight, soft bite, while others might dig in deep wanting you to bite harder. In the midst of all the heat, try to look for body language cues, which will help you decide whether he likes a soft or a harder bite, plus you’ll also know what to do next.

The Touch

Men, love to be touched while making out. When you are tongue-kissing, start off with casual petting on the back and as the session starts to get hotter, dig your nails in his back, slowly. Don’t overdo it, as this could backfire, keep it slow and gradual and keep digging your nails in until you get the cues that this is how deep he wants you to go. It is actually the pain plus pleasure theory and let me tell you, it is an absolute bomb to use. I love it when my girl scratches my back with her nails, and she knows I want her to scratch me harder when I bite her lips.

Nothing Beats Sticking To Him

Touching and getting physical with women is every guy’s wish, but doing it the right way will give you great leverage in the relationship. Apart from pulling his hair slightly, biting on his lips, digging your nails in his back, nothing beats wrapping your arms around him as firmly as you can. Try this while kissing and you will notice yourself how frequent the make out sessions get. Stick to him tight and focus on staying as close as you can during the make out.

To the kisser in trouble, try using these personally tried and tested techniques in all of your make out sessions from now on, and enjoy a much more passionate experience. Good luck!

Joshua Rose

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  1. bettymae ivanits
    7 years ago

    Wow, Kissing drives me nuts with passion. Gentle biting lips while french kissing is wild, loving it.

  2. Ti
    8 years ago

    I enjoyed this article, but what if your man doesn’t kiss at all? How do you get him to start?

  3. shawline Delahaye
    9 years ago

    Awesome. My guy likes when i dig my fingers in his back.

  4. Alicat
    9 years ago

    So what happens when the guy is a really bad kisser? Or has any woman not liked your kissing? I know this is an article about helping women to be better kissers but it seems to suggest that all guys are good, but women are lacking. By the way I know guys who hate French kissing and another recently that was that dog you were talking about in the email I received (and he was 54 – yuk).

  5. Nancy
    9 years ago

    Great refresher article! We all need a boost to our sex lives no matter what age we are. Sometimes men just don’t communicate what or when something makes them feel good ! Thanks, love the read.

  6. Sheila Barcenilla
    9 years ago

    I am a loving person and I Love hugs and kisses to the man I loved. I want the best for my man and of course for the both of us to strengthen our relationship and have a great romantic bonding. Thanks for the tips:-)

  7. Carol
    9 years ago

    Very awesome 😉 ! All of these r totally true ! I love this article . It is so tru that it depends on th specific person u r with , I’m glad u mentioned that . I also luv that u talk about the closer u r , ur bodies I mean , the better it is . Very tru , so much sexier and hotter make out sessions !, ;D keep writing 😉 thank u Carol

  8. Lynne
    9 years ago

    I will definitely use your tips! Always nice to spice things up a bit!

  9. Dasani King
    9 years ago

    Great article
    Has improved the lots of my partner and I

  10. Jackie
    9 years ago

    I enjoy kissing, I find it very enjoyable with someone I have feelings for. First let me explain I am a big busted woman. They stand out and I can’t hide them; and I don’t flaunt them. BUT, the first time we make out, the gentleman holds me in his arms (very pleasant). The second time, he holds much closer (still pleasant). The third time (and this happens always the third time), the gentleman starts to fondle my breasts. I push his hands away. Some take the hint and others persist in fondling me. How do you handle this situation? I usually just say I have to leave now; and I leave. I figure they know why.

    The above are just comments to some of my kissing incidents. Thank you for your comments about the art of kissing. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Gale
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the tips!! I have used some of them & they do work. But didn’t know about a couple of them.

  12. Cynthia Trupski
    10 years ago

    this is great info! Thanks for giving us a real article!

  13. Shauna
    10 years ago

    Thank you, new idea’s are always needed to help keep a relationship going and the fire burning hot!

  14. Tammy Griffiths
    10 years ago

    thank you. I am always up for something new and cant wait to try these

  15. Terry White
    10 years ago

    Great article and I can tell you nailed right on the head on how men like the touching, scratching and being held close, I also find it very rewarding knowing that my man likes these things and I am able to bring him pleasure just by kissing him.

  16. Misty
    10 years ago

    What if we are already laying down? How should I touch him then? I am usually on my side, so I only have use of one hand!

  17. Anna
    10 years ago

    Hi. I want to thank you for the information..I learned something today although I am 49 years (shows you, you never to old to learn )and cant wait to put it to the test. Thanks again for sharing.

  18. Julie
    10 years ago

    Its always good to get hints and tips thanks !

  19. Muna
    10 years ago

    Made me longing to kiss and to be kissed by my man who hasn’t shown up yet. Cheeeeers

  20. Sue Pavitt
    10 years ago

    Loved the article, that’s all I can say, absolutely loved it.

  21. Veronica Smith
    10 years ago

    Great article. It’s hard to figure some men out. They offer very little clues to what they like or don’t like. Keep the articles coming.

  22. Dolly
    10 years ago

    Thanks for the tried and true ways to kissing. My boyfriend likes it when I suck on his lips gently. I’m a little more aggressive than he is. I like it when he gently slips the tip of his tongue half way.

  23. Y
    10 years ago

    Awesome article. I was married to a man who would not engage in any open mouth kissing. I always felt kind of like I was a relative instead of a wife. We were married a long time. Now, I am starting to date, and your article is a wonderful reminder of how I remember kisses to be when I dated when I was young & before my husband. I hope to have some passionate and intimate kisses in my future. Thanks for sharing your tips.